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Paul S. Caso


A lifelong Bethel resident, Paul graduated from Bethel High School in 1996. Uncertain if college was right for him, he enrolled in Western Connecticut State University. Paul earned a degree in business management in just three-and-a-half years. During his first year on campus (November 1996), already possessing a few years experience, he formed Paul Stewart Caso Landscaping, LLC.

Professionally, Paul has enjoyed a gradual shift from the day-to-day work in the field, to focusing on quality and new business development. He enjoys networking and charity work, and considers himself fortunate that he has gained some great friends in the process. You will hear Paul say that he has learned more running PSC Landscaping in the last two or three years than he did in the first ten.

In 2004, Paul’s life changed for the better when he met his now wife, Erin. The couple got engaged exactly 20 months later and was married seven months after that. They welcomed their first child, Indiana Meserve Caso, into the world in late 2008. “Indiana,” you ask? Yes, after a fictional archeologist. Three years later, they welcomed a son, William James Connery Caso. The handsome little toe head was named after both proud grandfathers, Paul’s dad, William James and Erin’s dad, James Connery. Paul and Erin frequently proclaim they are done having kids. He is a dog lover and has two rescued mutts: Griswold is as handsome as Cary Grant and Hugo is as funny-looking as Steve Buscemi, but he loves them both the same.

Paul is currently president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Danbury. He is enjoying the challenge and is proud to contribute to such a great organization that does so much good for the community and around the world. Paul is also an active volunteer and community presence for the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS). In 2010, Paul was honored by DAWS as its ‘person of the year’. Paul is grateful that PSC Landscaping affords him the time and resources to give back to the community.