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Commitment To The Environment

Hog Wash or the Real Deal?

PSC Landscaping has been environmentally conscious since before it was fashionable. Being in the industry, we are very much in-the-know regarding legitimate environmental issues and challenges. They are a team made up of parents who want to leave the world a better place for our children. PSC focuses on measures that truly make a difference as opposed attention grabbing publicity stunts. These days it seems many individuals and companies are “going green.” For some companies, these changes are superficial and cosmetic. In the world of business it can mean the Marketing Department decided it was time to launch a campaign around this fad, while the company as a hole continues wasting and consuming resources without a second thought. As consumers we never really know how “green” a company is, and many of us have grown skeptical. PSC repurposes, reuses or donates anything it does not need even if it takes a bit more time to do so. It’s these quiet, simple practices that add up over time.

PSC’s Largest Positive Impact: Responsible Turf Care & Chemical use

Every time a homeowner switches from a nationally known turf care company to PSC Landscaping mother earth smiles. Eliminating unnecessary synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides on their clients’ properties is by far PSC Landscaping’s greatest contribution to a healthier planet. PSC takes the use of chemicals very seriously and recommend s them only when a true need exists. PSC is a far cry from the large, well-known national chains that send highly unskilled workers to apply (the exact same) harmful chemicals on every lawn they treat. It is the goal of PSC Landscaping to educate its clients and steer them away from these cavalier practices. Unnecessary chemical applications where your children and pets play are not O.K. Click here for a better understanding of our expert turf program.

Greg, the part-owner who will evaluate and treat your turf, has obtained (and must maintain) his Supervisory Pesticide License from the State of Connecticut. Other firms have one supervisor like Greg and send out scores of unskilled workers to do as many lawns as possible per day. PSC has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the classroom and in the field to educate themselves on soil and plant science, organics, and environmental impact. This experience and continued education allow them to make sound recommendations that will not only meet your needs, but save you money and minimize the impact on the environment.

Planning Ahead: The Advantages of Using Low Maintenance Species

As good stewards of the planet, PSC is obligated to offer its clients environmentally sustainable solutions for all their landscape needs. Through the rendering of low maintenance landscape designs, PSC can ensure that the plants that are installed are the most suitable for our climate and unlikely to develop serious insect or disease problems over their lifetime that will then require chemicals. Whenever possible, we incorporate native species in our designs that offer aesthetic value while encouraging beneficial insect and pollinator habitat.a property look great without excessive chemicals. That is what we do. …Can the large well-known franchise that takes care of your neighbor’s lawn say the same?