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Our Team

Kevin P. Havey

Director of Operations
Award-winning Landscape Designer

Kevin, also a lifelong Bethel resident, met Paul when they were in the 8th grade. They had two classes together. Early in the school year, one of their schedules was completely rearranged to separate the two hoodlums. Being two determined individuals even at a young age, they protested by acting out even more. Within weeks they struck a deal with the teachers that they would indeed behave, if administration would reverse the change to the schedule, and reunite the two misfits. To this day, historians debate whether or not they kept their word. The two remained friends through high school and college, and even more amazingly after working together for a decade.

Kevin also attended Western Connecticut State University, majoring in marketing. He joined PSC Landscaping toward the end of his student career. Upon graduation, he assumed a co-ownership role in the business and quickly evolved toward landscape design and client services. He is an extraordinarily intelligent, well-read individual who possesses a true talent and passion for his work. In 2009, this talent and passion was recognized when his work at the Union Savings Bank’s flagship building on North Street in Danbury, Connecticut was honored and awarded by the Danbury Garden Club.

Kevin, also a dog lover, has two beautiful black Labs – both rescue dogs as well – who reside with him at his home in Bethel. Up until a few years ago, he coached high school soccer in Bethel and Redding. He did so for about a decade, and has continued to give his time to other youth programs in the area when time permits.