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FREE Landscaping Consultation

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Landscape Design

Step 1: Free consultation with award-winning designer to assess your priorities, tastes, and needs

Step 2: The designer provides a very reasonable quote, often mere hundreds, for their services, along with all of their direct contact information.

Step 3: PSC creates a design that first focuses first on functionality, second on sustainability, and finally on aesthetics.

Step 4: A second meeting is set up to present the plan and seek feedback and look at costs of job(s)

Step 5: Revisions are made as needed based on client feedback in regards to design elements and costs to make 100% certain the finished product exceeds your expectations and stays within your budget

PSC Landscaping provides amazing value through their professional landscape design services. Only when Kevin is not within earshot, Paul will boast about Kevin’s talent and excellent taste in this department. Kevin has twenty years practical experience and knows what ‘works’ and what ‘doesn’t.’ He starts with sustainably and functionality and then makes it beautiful. He is head and shoulders above other designers who spend their lives behind a desk and recommend designs that look good on paper, but fail miserably in regards to sustainability and functionality.

Kevin’s ability to listen to the client, his talent, his lack of arrogance, and complete willingness to implement concepts that fit his clients’ tastes, not his own, earns him rave reviews and PSC Landscaping ‘clients for life.’ His sustainable, attractive, tasteful designs are second to none.

The best part, They are not expensive. Not at all! PSC’s business model is such that they only need to charge a nominal fee to create these designs for you. They have the technology to not only create an awesome design for you, but also to show you what your project will look like from almost any angle, and what it will look like down the road a few years.

Once the design is presented, the client is then under no obligation to hire the firm to install the plants but they almost always do. PSC is very reasonably priced across the board and there are definite advantages to having the individual who designed the job supervise it’s installation. These projects tend to take on a life of their own, in a good way, and often ideas come to the client or the designer while the job is in progress, Kevin and the client can make these exciting decisions together as the landscape takes shape. This is done seamlessly, without multiple emails or phone calls, or an additional bill from a third party designer or landscape architect.