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PSC’s attention to detail and experience makes them the obvious choice for your next masonry project. “Masonry is the part of the industry which prices can come in all over the place!,” Paul always tells his clients. “The foundation, preparation, selection of materials, drainage, and attention to details (cuts), make all the difference.” He explains. One does not have to look far to find a patio that is coming apart, a stonewall that is bleeding rust, or a stackable wall that has already started to lean. Masonry projects usually go for big bucks. Make sure you hire the firm that is going to do it right as it is not pleasant to have to rip it back up. PSC has been called in more times than they care to count to fix someone else’s work.

They also stand behind their work. They have gone out many years later to address a loose stone or a settling issue for no charge. That says a lot!