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Outdoor Drainage

  • Affordable!
  • Whenever possible Paul always recommends trying the ‘nickel’ solution before
  • Solutions Based on 20 Years’ Practical Experience
  • Focused on First Identifying the Problem -- Ground and/or Surface Water, and not Confusing the Two
  • Long Lasting spending your hard earned ‘dollars’ ...Nickel solutions almost always work.

Paul’s knowledge of the construction industry and his thorough grasp of gravity make him an ideal partner in solving any drainage needs you may have. “I always like to try the ‘nickel’ solution before spending a ‘dollar’ as the nickel solution very often does the trick.” Paul likes to say.

He also tells clients: “Drainage problems are not caused by water. They are caused by excess water or water with no place to go.” His experienced based solutions never attempt to get all of the water away from the trouble area, but make sure that he gets enough water piped out or pitched away.

Ground Water v. Surface Water

All too often naive homeowners and naive contractors focus on surface water, when the issue is really just under the surface, “ground water.” People love putting plastic catch basins in where they have wet spots. These cheap drains are buoyant and Paul has literally seen them float up due to ground water underneath them. In one situation he drilled a series of holes in the sides and bottom of an existing drain, surrounded it with gravel, and protected the gravel from silting up with filter paper. He then placed a rock in the bottom of the light plastic drain to give it some mass. The total bill about $100 and the client had estimates in the thousands. It still works to this day.

Paul is really, really good at formulating reasonable solutions for drainage issues. Call and book an appointment with him today.