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Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties


  • Quality, Hand Picked, Materials
  • Performed by Experienced, Detail Oriented Crew
  • Supervised by Credentialed Landscape Designer
  • Laid Out for Years and Years of Enjoyment with Plenty of Room to Grow and Thrive

PSC Landscaping is not only excellent at designing beautiful landscapes but they are awfully good at installing them as well. They attribute this mostly to their seasoned staff and the fact that one of the owners is always on site. They work with their clients to make sure their expectations are exceeded and that they are 100% happy with the job. –And don’t be surprised to get a phone call or a letter a few months out to make sure you are still happy, long after your check has cleared.

Kevin often hand selects each and every plant. This takes a very long time, and sometimes a tremendous amount of running around, but it is the first in many steps to achieve the absolute best finished product for you.

Then it comes down to the details! PSC makes sure the containers and burlap balls are weed free. They lightly prune the trees and shrubs as needed. They amend the soil. They remove all tags. They properly space, rotate, and plum each plant, and fertilize as needed. They make sure it is planted at the correct depth and allow for minor settling (very important). “We see expensive trees and shrubs planted way too deep all the time.” shares Kevin. “This is a sure way to ultimately kill them.” They focus on these many important details so you don’t have to. If they notice a flaw in a plant once it is on the job that was undetected at the nursery it does not go in the ground. Whether or not the client would pick up on it, it is returned or discarded and a perfect specimen planted in its place.

In short, they care how your property looks and it shows in their beautiful work.