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Turf Care

PSC Landscaping
  • Organic Based, Safe, Responsible, and Customized to your Unique Property
  • Administered by an Educated, Accessible, and Responsive Professional
  • Adjusted Regularly Throughout the Season Based on Results, Weather and Disease
  • Reasonably Priced! -Comparable to many Synthetic Programs

PSC’s turf program has evolved over the last 20 years and the professionals at PSC Landscaping have enthusiastically made the shift towards environmentally responsible, organic practices. They continue to make investments to their infrastructure, and in the classroom, to become area leaders in this movement. PSC partners with a leading firm in the international arena. They are resolved to provide a truly healthy, sustainable lawn for a very fair price (comparable to some conventional programs if possible). They are genuinely excited to take your turf to the next level (for the same price as some synthetic programs) and hope you will take just a few minutes and learn more.

How did we get to where we are?

Just after WWII large chemical companies needed to find something to do with nitrogen (no longer needed for bombs). Lucky for them, new homeowners were cropping up at record rates.. These giant companies have been very successful in influencing the American homeowner as to what a “healthy” lawn should look like: bright green, and lush… The nitrogen is cheap to produce and produces instant results, so marketing it is a piece of cake! But we now understand the ugly side of these products.

You may be thinking: Who cares? My lawn looks great after I put that stuff down.

PSC Landscaping

Times are changing. States across the entire country, even our neighbor New York, have begun outlawing various pesticides and even fertilizers that contain phosphorous. These bans are the direct result of serious and perhaps irreversible environmental issues. Despite big chemical companies throwing money at politicians to slow these bans down, the well-informed scientific community seems to be winnig this uphill battle. Change is coming.

One of the biggest problems is that many herbicides and fertilizers are all-too- often applied in excess, or when a true need doesn’t exist. I need about three bags to do my lawn, PSC Landscapingbut if I put down four it will be the greenest on the block! Bad! These unused inputs have to go somewhere. The process of absorption into the earth is nature’s way of filtering this essential resource. Read the side of a bag of fertilizer with insecticide or herbicide built in and tell me if you want your family drinking the very water that washed this product into your lawn… There is also a cumulative effect in our watersheds causing irreversible damage to the Long Island Sound, Candlewood Lake “jeopardizing many of its public uses and its value to surrounding communities.” - King’s Mark Environmental Review Right now these problems are serious for property owners near these and other bodies of water. Soon, they will affect us all.

Economics -- Your budget

Even though many conventional products are perceived to be “cheap,” these practices are actually horribly inefficient, and create a treadmill effect. Forgetting for a moment that most of the fertilizer cannot be taken in by the plant, evidence now tells us that rapidly growing, “bright green,” picturesque turf is much more tender and vulnerable to disease and pest damage. –But don’t worry, they are happy to sell you another chemical for that too. Or perhaps they’ve already convinced you to put that junk down as a preventative, “just to be safe,” when there is nothing safe about it. It is our mission to educate our clients and help break this cycle.

PSC Landscaping

The human analogy clarifies the program very well. Putting your lawn on a typical, nationally advertised four-step program is like feeding your children [Sugar] Smacks and Pepsi for breakfast, putting them on a strong antibiotic when no infection is evident, giving them coffee instead of lunch, pixie sticks for dinner, and cocaine before they do their homework, and then wondering why they are not excelling. Crappy food and well-known four step programs alike are cheap and endorsed by celebrities and/or charismatic cartoons. Quality turf care and local fruits and vegetables might cost a little more up front and rarely obtain celebrity endorsements. But who ultimately pays a higher cost, the informed family that invests a little more at the farmers’ market, or the family that lives on fast food and sugar?

If you are thinking Right now I pay ‘ChemDoctor’ x amount per year and I really don’t want to/can’t spend any more than that right now.

Talk to Greg or Paul. They are very flexible and would be glad to see what They can do to scale back their program to stay within your budget. PSC Landscaping understands how hard people work for their money these days and want to earn your business. In reality, a small amount of a safe, organic product applied by an expert is much better than unnecessary chemicals put down by an idiot (No, I didn’t mean your husband).

What will the end result be?

A well maintained organic lawn is going to be far healthier and more attractive throughout the year than one doused in nitrogen and pesticides. A high quality lawn requires some additional upfront investments and patience. The only noticeable difference may be that your lawn does not push off 6” of lush new growth per week in June because… It’s not natural.

As is the case with any program, one may take a step backwards from time-to-time, but PSC has the resources to address those issues and move forward. Organic lawns are more drought tolerant, more disease resistant and typically greener longer (due to microbial activity that actually increases soil temperature in the fall. How cool is that!?!?!?). These organic lawns are far more self-sufficient once carefully transitioned. Let PSC Landscaping give you a truly healthy lawn that everyone can safely enjoy.